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Save hours of work thanks to a high level of prestation, transparency and proactive communication.
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More than 120 companies trust us on 1000+ buildings

Divide by 3 your number of breakdowns

We put the engineers back in charge, reduce their workload and equip them with the best technology. They have the time and motivation to do their jobs, you get your time back to focus on other priorities.

Divide breakdown by 3
Live informations about you buildings

Get live information about your buildings

Benefit from a 100% transparent information and a complete dashboard from the unit-level to the portfolio-level:

  • Prices and quotes without surprises
  • Unfiltered and detailed reports with photos
  • Real-time status of your fleet (SMS, dashboard) and the defects

Benefit from a personalised support

  • One dedicated contact in the support team and a no-reminder policy
  • We survey all units before contract start, so we understand your equipment
  • Stock of the main spare parts for your buildings held locally
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Property managers trust us

more than just maintenance

WeMaintain provides much more than just maintenance services: access to complete transparency of the maintenance and repair process, detailed usage analysis for preventive maintenance, service tailor-made for our tenants.
S├ębastien Chemouny
S├ębastien Chemouny
Head of France, Allianz Real Estate

the best and most reliable

In short, they are the best and most reliable lift contractor that I have come across in a sector of the management business which is characterised by many less than satisfactory companies.
Alison Mooney
Alison Mooney
Director, Westbury residential