ASSET managers

Valuable insights from your devices' data

Leverage on-site data to make better decisions in relation to your assets.
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IoT device from WeMaintain
More than 120 companies trust us on 1000+ buildings

Optimize your occupants' experience


Traffic analysis to understand the occupancy rates of your building at each floor


Get real-time understanding of the flows within your building

User satisfaction

Alerts to the engineer in charge before any malfunction leading to less breakdowns

Ensure uptime and longevity

Technology brings you one piece of the puzzle. We've also added the human layer. Our engineers:

  • Get ownership of their work by being dedicated to your building
  • Have the time to do their jobs with limited number of units (capped at 80) and the automatization of their admin tasks
  • Qualified engineers who have passed the WeMaintain technical test
IoT - Capex reduction

Reduce and better plan your CAPEX spending in advance

  • Target high usage equipment for enhanced maintenance to extend its lifecycle
  • Increase your CAPEX cycle, therefore spreading cost over the longer term
  • Track energy efficiency savings using real-time data


Average response time


Breakdowns compared to
previous providers


Average time on-site per visit

Asset managers trust us

more than just maintenance

WeMaintain provides much more than just maintenance services: access to complete transparency of the maintenance and repair process, detailed usage analysis for preventive maintenance, service tailor-made for our tenants.
S├ębastien Chemouny
S├ębastien Chemouny
Head of France, Allianz Real Estate

much more fluid

I must say that, since WeMaintain is dealing with the lifts, the situation has drastically improved. Today things are much more fluid, lifts are no longer the main topics with the employees.
Charles Boudet
Charles Boudet
CEO, JLL France