Your go-to guide to maintaining your lift

What is the most used means of transport? It's not the car, nor the train... With 100 million trips per day, it's the lift! It's time to take care of it.
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How well do you know your lift?
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The maintenance cheat sheet for your lift

  1. The essential checklist for an on-site maintenance visit.
  2. The main parameters to monitor on your lift.
  3. The most common problems encountered.
  4. The average cost to service and maintain your lift.
  5. What data to collect on your lift and for what purpose.
  6. Advice on safe use for users.

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more than just maintenance

WeMaintain provides much more than just maintenance services: access to complete transparency of the maintenance and repair process, detailed usage analysis for preventive maintenance, service tailor-made for our tenants.
Sébastien Chemouny
Sébastien Chemouny
Head of France, Allianz Real Estate

much more fluid

I must say that, since WeMaintain is dealing with the lifts, the situation has drastically improved. Today things are much more fluid, lifts are no longer the main topics with the employees.
Charles Boudet
Charles Boudet
CEO, JLL France

the best and most reliable

In short, they are the best and most reliable lift contractor that I have come across in a sector of the management business which is characterised by many less than satisfactory companies.
Alison Mooney
Alison Mooney
Director, Westbury residential