How WeMaintain's IoT is integrated into escalators

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Did you know WeMaintain's IoT sensors can be installed on escalators?

As it's 'Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness Week', our Head of Operations UK, Gareth Hughes, and Head of Data and R&D, Olivier Gabriel, thought this would be the perfect time to mention the key benefits surrounding safety of WeMaintain's IoT and its application on escalators.

At WeMaintain, on elevators we use our in-house IoT model. For escalators, we use a slightly modified version of this device. By installing this device onto an escalator, we are able to gather a range of data on the unit and give customers a new level of visibility on their assets.

The IoT isn't only limited to monitoring analytics to improve maintenance and asset availability, but also monitors key escalator components that can impact passenger safety.

Our escalator IoT monitors:

  • Handrail speed live
  • Major bearing temperature & vibration
  • Comb plate vibration & noise
  • Power usage
  • Live fault mode activation

Once this data is collected, it is stored in WeMaintain's secure cloud, a separate platform to the main database ensuring high levels of security for our customers data.

The benefits

By gathering data on an escalator, it also opens doors to new information for customers to use. Real-time monitoring and reporting to our client systems and platforms means the ability to highlight performance issues with major components before failure, with the addition of a faster call response time for your dedicated engineer. This in turn reduces overall downtime of an escalator.

One of the significant causes of passenger accidents on escalators is due to deviations in the handrail speed. WeMaintain’s IoT can capture the live speed of each handrail and report the data to your engineer who can act accordingly.

Entrapments in comb plates can also lead to failure of an escalator, passenger injury and long downtimes for the client. Using our technology, we have the ability to monitor abnormal vibration and noise in the interaction between the comb plate and moving steps. This can highlight a potential issue before it happens in which the engineer can be dispatched and rectify swiftly.

Collecting this type and amount of data gives greater visibility to customers to inform decisions regarding CAPEX and modernisations. The data also gives the customers the power to reduce costs and improve on maintenance regimes.

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